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Based in Linköping, Sweden

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Coridden is an action game with rpg elements, where players can use both their human and beast avatars to fight together in a dangerous, alien world.  Up to four people can play in this post-apocalyptic adventure and make use of the unique co-op ability to ride on each other’s backs.

Game Genre

Coridden is top-down action RPG, inspired by games such as Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance (2001) and Victor Vran (2005), but also mixing in elements from titles such as Borderlands (2012) and Divinity Original Sin (2015).

Coridden takes a modern approach on the more player skill-focused action rpg Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, aiming to improve movement and combat to feel smoother and more satisfying. From Borderlands, a great co-op RPG-shooter, the inspiration comes from the design of interesting gear, co-op elements and the balance between equipment stats and player skills. One of the core gameplay mechanics, being able to ride on each others back, comes from Halo’s co-op driving sections, where one player steers the vehicle and the other one handles the vehicle’s gun. Another inspiration from Halo is the science fiction setting which helps it stand out from the crowd of fantasy games in the top-down action RPG genre. Coridden also features exploration elements and interactive dialogues, similar to games like Divinity Original Sin.

Core Mechanics and Gameplay

  • Unleash your inner beast: Fight in player-skill challenging combat with the ability to transform between human and several beast forms.
  • Ride on each other: Unique co-op mechanic were a human-form player can mount a beast-form player and ride, synergizing abilities and increasing performance. 
  • Scavenge the world and find powerful equipment: Artifacts and equipments can be found by exploring and progressing through the game, expanding the player’s arsenal to take on more challenging enemies.
  • Grow stronger and build up a unique set of skills: Leveling up and choosing from a selection of combat skills, customizing player characters and exploring different play styles.
  • Journey through an adventure: Uncover the past together by searching for clues and engaging in dialogue with NPCs to discover why the ancient civilization collapsed and the secrets of their lost technology.

Setting and Story

In the world of Coridden players explore a planet where only scattered elements of an ancient high-tech society remain after a mysterious catastrophic event. Each player takes the role of one of four siblings in the Dayal family, whose lives change when they are each given mystical  bracers.The player characters gain almost god-like powers, allowing them to summon energy weapons and transform into beasts. As the Dayals’ venture outside the safety of the city walls and into the wilds filled with dangerous reptile creatures, they discover more about the old world and become stronger as they fight to survive. However, their powers draw the attention of even more sinister enemies, who wants to use the artifact’s powers for their own purposes…


Aftnareld was founded by Narin Yousef and Valdemar Tove in 2018. Besides working on Coridden, the company’s first title, Aftnareld has been arranging courses and projects to teach young students programming and game development.


Coridden started as a spare-time project in Unity by Valdemar Tove in 2015, with Narin Yousef joining in 2016. They have backgrounds in teaching and chemistry and are largely self-taught designers and developers. They decided to dedicate themselves to game development and founded the Aftnareld studio together.