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 Fact sheet

Release Date
Kickstarter: Q1 2024
Full release: Q3 2024


Kickstarter page:

PC (Windows)
Consoles TBA

English, Spanish, French, German,
Simplified & Traditional Chinese, CIS
Partial voiceovers currently in only
planned in English.

Based in Linköping, Sweden

Anshar Publishing
Based in Kraków, Poland

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Developer Socials:

Short Description

Coridden is an action RPG where you play as a monster-shifter, able to transform into the creatures you defeat. Venture out alone or in CO-OP with up to 3 friends on a journey to uncover the dark secrets sealed inside the legendary city of Aasha.

Key Features

 🦕 BECOME A SHIFTER – Switch between your human and beast form freely to utilize each form’s strengths and skills when needed.

🏹 ACTION FOCUSED COMBAT – Experience intense combat action where both your own skills and character gear matters.

⚡️ GROW YOUR POWERS  Build up both your human and monster form with new gear, attributes,active and passive skills as you level up.

🦹‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ RIDE OUT SOLO OR IN CO-OP  Up to 4 players can play together in drop in/drop out co-op gameplay, both locally and online.

🏇🏻 HOP ON MY BACK  Ride on each other’s back to become a strong cavalry unit together! (RAWR!, hehe 😉)

🌺 EXPLORE THE WORLD OF HEERA – Jump, swim, use fire and break walls to access and explore everything from dangerous caves to old structures, in order to solve quests and find loot.

Game Inspirations

Coridden brings back similar vibe and fun action as old-school co-op RPGs, such as the Diablo games, BG: Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath but also those that engrossed us in their engaging narrative and side quest-hunting such as Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.

Coridden’s world is in a sort of post-apocalyptic scenario where nature and creatures dominate, but humans still have access to highly advanced technology they do not fully understand, similar to the feel of the world in Horizon Zero Dawn.


From action-oriented gamers, ARPG players, social people to sole explorers: Coridden provides a fun and unique gameplay experience for creatures of all kinds! 😉

Coridden’s distinct twist gives a fresh perspective on a traditional genre. The game can be described as diablo-esque in terms of basic gameplay, where you visit different areas, play through a story campaign, fight against many enemies and grow your character along the way. However Coridden includes more exploration elements and utilizes action-based combat and movement, giving the game additional adventurous feel. 


Coridden combines shapeshifting with RPG progression uniquely. The creatures you can play are not just a one-time thing you can do once in a while – you can shapeshift whenever you want. There is no cooldown or limit.

The dual nature of human and beast means you’re never out of options – however each one has their own limited energy pool, and that’s up to you to manage! 

Combat, gear and skills

Coridden’s moment-to-moment combat will test your reflexes and decision-making while also encouraging working together. What enemies you face, how many and the terrain will challenge you to use the most of both your actions and your chosen skills and equipment, leading to varied combat encounters.

Customize your character in your own way by combining one of 4 Human Classes with one of the 6 Beast Masteries, essentially giving you 24 character build options. All Human Classes and every monster form offers distinct skills and perks.

You can choose to build your human and beast form to complement each other, or you can fully specialize both in one certain direction for maximum damage. But having no co-op companions to back you up might leave you vulnerable in certain situations – so think twice about your choices! 

About the developers

Not long after we met at a University in Sweden, we started making games together as a hobby. The project that we now call Coridden, started with a simple idea: an interactive co-op moment where one player is steering and attacking as a fierce beast, the other riding on the beast’s back and shooting enemies around them. 

As we spent more and more time on this idea, and the ambitious grew, we decided to officially start our studio Aftnareld in 2018 and shift our game-development hobby to a professional level. We knew from the start we wanted to make cooperative games. We believe that co-op games is not only fun, but are also important for bringing people together! 

Along the way, we’ve had the fortune to meet several passionate people wanting to help and join us on this journey. Today we’re a small team of eager people working hard on creating Coridden. 





Download latest trailers here:!AjqtyACv3eKUzh8ib0Keov2KfA5g?e=VqpdR5